PFAS and the Middletown Water System

In late 2019, MDE began studying the health effects of PFAS chemicals and implementing a multi-phased assessment of PFAS in water sources. 129 of the 463 federally regulated Community Water Systems (CWS) in Maryland were monitored, testing water used by approximately 70% of Maryland’s population. 

The Town of Middletown has worked with MDE since December 2020 regarding the PFAS testing of the Town water system. The first samples indicate detectable results in two of the three town water plants but at the lowest action level (less than 28 ppt). The Town samples were 4.36 ppt and 8.36 ppt. MDE obtained a second set of samples on September 28, 2022, and the results of those are not yet available. The Town continues to follow MDE guidance and will continue to update the website as we receive information. For additional clarification, see the attached Middletown PFAS Fact Sheet.