Recycling Info.

Frederick County has made changes to their recycling service.  This includes an updated list of acceptable and unacceptable recyclable items.  If you place any non-recyclable items in your recycle bin, your recyclables will not be picked up / your recycling container will not be emptied!!

Please read both the "Frederick County Notice - Recycling Changes" and "Frederick County Recycle Right Information" documents below for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Frederick County Recycling at 301.600.2960.

Recycle pick-up is Every Other Wednesday - Frederick County Recycling picks-up recyclables. (Click on the schedule below.)

The Burgess and Commissioners decided at the February 8, 2021 meeting to discontinue the Recycling Drop Site at the Middletown County Park. There have been issues for several years with people dumping junk and overflowing the recycling dumpster. Town employees have been monitoring the site and these issues continued. Starting May 1, 2021, the Recycling Drop Site will be closed and removed from the Middletown County Park.

 Alternatives to the drop-off center include: 

  • Residents can up-size their recycling container or acquire a second county-issued cart by visiting
  • Recyclers can place excess materials next their county-issued cart inside a paper bag, cardboard box, or any spare, open container with a bold “RECYCLE” sign taped on.
  • Utilize the drop-off centers located at the Brunswick Public Works Depot, Thurmont Library, or at the County’s 9031 Reichs Ford Road facility in Frederick.
  • Certain categories of commercial sites can sign up to utilize the county’s opt-in program for recycling at small offices and multi-family properties.

 To get more information on any of these options, please visit the County’s website at, or call the Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling at 301-600-2960. Their office may also be reached by sending email to


Helpful Hints

Local residents can find everything they need to know about recycling – as well as helpful tools – available on the County’s website ( You can see, print or sync your recycling schedule to a digital calendar. You can find out what is and isn’t recyclable. And by clicking on the “Collection Reminder” link, you can even set customized reminders for your street’s biweekly recycling day.

Use the County’s “Stay Informed” link to sign up for emergency alerts and quickly learn of unexpected changes to recycling collection service (such as for inclement weather or road closures) or to be notified of their special events, like Household Hazardous Waste drop-off days.

The County’s notification services use email, phone call, text, Tweet or mobile updates, whichever is preferred.

And all of these tools are also available as a free mobile app, which can be downloaded from the County site.

Still have questions? Call the County Office of Recycling at 301-600-2960.

Did you know residents can recycle bulky, rigid plastic items such as: milk/soda crates, plastic shelving, empty plastic trash cans, etc?  All containers must be empty prior to deposit.  These items should be brought to the Recycling Center on Reichs Ford Road and placed in the collection container specially designated for large plastic recyclables.  Residents with questions about what is recyclable can call the Office of Recycling at 301.600.2960 or email at

Tire Recycling

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For additional information please visit the Middletown Sustainability Committee Website at