FCPS Middletown School Complex Development

History Summary

 In April, FCPS began a feasibility study to determine the best way to modernize and meet capacity needs at all three schools on the Middletown campus. Recommendations were presented to the Board of Education at the November 9, 2022, meeting. 

The feasibility study recommended replacement of all three buildings with a new high school building and a building for co-location of the elementary school (grades 3-5) and middle school (grades 6-8). The co-located building will be designed to accommodate separate elementary and middle school spaces.  

Middletown Project:

Click on the link below to access information from FCPS regarding the entire project.

Middletown Elementary and Middle Replacement | Capital Program (fcps.org)


Middletown Co-Located Elementary & Middle School Building:

Click on the link below to access the most up to date information from FCPS regarding this part of the project.

Middletown Elementary and Middle Replacement | Capital Program (fcps.org)


To view the most current FCPS Middletown School Campus Development Draft Proposal, please click on the link below.


The project officially began on July 1, 2023 when funding was approved for the project and a notice to proceed was issued to the design team on July 12, 2023. Since the start of design, FCPS staff has held three public meetings with representatives from the Town of Middletown and members of the public. FCPS also held a community meeting on January 25th at the Middletown HS cafeteria.

At the PTA meeting on February 20, the design team and FCPS staff look forward to discussing further developments to the concept site plan with the broader community in the Middletown schools feeder pattern. Feedback and comments received at this meeting will help the design team consider further updates to the concept site plan for an updated submission to the Middletown Planning Commission in March.   

All interested individuals are welcome to attend and to participate in the discussion. Updates about the project, including information about publicly held meetings, will continue being shared on the project webpage at https://www.fcps.org/capital-program/middletown-area


If you have concerns about the proposed plans for improvements to the Middletown School Complex, please contact your local Board of Education Members.  Their emails are listed below:

Karen Yoho, President -   karen.yoho@fcps.org

Rae Gallagher, Vice President - rae.gallagher@fcps.org

Nancy Allen                              nancy.allen@fcps.org 

David Bass                              david.bass@fcps.org

Jason Johnson                         jason.johnson@fcps.org

Sue Johnson                            sue.johnson@fcps.org 

Dean Rose                               dean.rose@fcps.org

Brooke Lieberman                    studentmemberboe@fcps.org