Middletown Notification Shentel & Glo Fiber Installation



Phase I Construction -

The Burgess and Commissioners of Middletown have received concerns from many residents about the lack of internet providers available to residents.  To address these concerns, the Town established a Middletown Cable-Internet Committee to look at the possibilities of bringing additional internet providers to Middletown to have choices for residents when it comes to internet services.

To that end, the Town identified an internet provider, Shentel / Glo Fiber, and negotiated a Cable Franchise Agreement allowing Shentel / Glo Fiber to install fiber within existing utility easements throughout the Town.  After construction is completed, residents will have choices when it comes to picking an internet provider. 

Shentel / Glo Fiber’s process for notification is as follows:

  • 60-day Mailer Notice
  • 30-day Door Hanger Notice
  • 3-day Door Hanger Notice
  • Final Restoration Notice

Construction Questions should be directed to their website or customer service as listed below:

  • anthony@sktsolutions.net
  • 304-685-7593

Shentel / Glo Fiber’s procedure is that any concerns with construction should call the number above and provide their address, contact information, and concerns.  Customer Service then contacts their construction management department that alerts the Project Manager on site to address the issue or concern.  The website has information about the construction process as well as some YouTube videos showing the construction process.


                                                                                    Burgess and Commissioners

                                                                                    Middletown, Maryland