Middletown & Solar Energy


Did you know that the Town has its' own solar array?  It is relatively new and is already providing power to some of the Town's offices and water/sewer plants.

Middletown Solar Array Update

The Middletown solar array became operational in January 2016.  At the end of each year of operation, Potomac Edison reviews the power generation from the solar array against actual power usage by the Town.  After our first year of operation, the solar array is producing 110% of its intended design.  In fact, the solar array is generating enough additional power that the Town can add an additional electric account to the net metering.  The Town is currently evaluating which electric account to add to the net metering.  The solar array allows the Town to have level cost for electricity over the 20 year lease.  We are proud to see the planned designed functioning as projected.


If you would like to see what the Middletown solar array is generating please go to 


On that site, you will be able to gather information about solar energy, what the town's solar array is producing and even the money it is saving!

Did you know that many residences within town have gone solar?  Check out the map below.

Take a shine to this amazing map of all the solar energy facilities within the Town of Middletown!!