Opening a Business in the Town of Middletown


“Occupancy Permits” for New Business Occupancies 


Assistance Available for Business Owners

The Town of Middletown welcomes new businesses! We also recognize that it can sometimes be intimidating or frustrating to figure out the requirements for permits and licenses, etc. We recommend that you first contact our Staff Planner, Cindy Unangst,at, or our Main Street Manager, Becky Axilbund, at Our staff can assist businesses with such matters as site selection, and we are happy to work with small, entrepreneur businesses and large, established businesses alike.


The "Occupancy Permit" Process

Approval from Middletown and Frederick County is required to operate a business from a particular location prior to occupancy. This is commonly referred to as the “Occupancy Permit.” Actually, it is a Certificate of Occupancy that is required, which is the “end result” of the permits and inspections process. A Zoning Certificate application from the Town of Middletown is the first step in obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy. A new business moving to Middletown will also require approval by the Middletown Planning Commission, unless there will be no change in the amount of parking needed, the intensity of use has not changed, there are no exterior structural changes, and the building or site meets all existing regulations for the district in which it is located. Site plan fees and parking requirements may be waived upon approval by the Planning Commission.

A building permit from Frederick County can be applied for at the same time as the approval process is happening in Middletown. Once the Middletown Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator and the Frederick County Community Development Division have approved the permit and all inspections have been approved, the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

If you would like to save time at the time of application with the Town of Middletown, or if you would like to verify that a proposed location will be acceptable for your business, it is suggested that you complete the “Key Questions for New Business Applicants” form and e-mail it to the Middletown Zoning Administrator at, or fax it to 301-371-6474 in advance of your application for a Zoning Certificate. This form is not a requirement, but it is helpful in many instances. Upon receipt, the information that you supplied will be reviewed by the zoning administrator. You will then receive the zoning certificate application and any other suggestions or instructions specific to your particular situation.

Thank you for choosing the Town of Middletown!