Sidewalk Enhancement Plan

The Burgess and Commissioners of Middletown are concerned with the pedestrian safety and the current conditions of sidewalks within the Town.  There are approximately 53 miles of sidewalks throughout the Town.  In addition to the general safety of pedestrians, a large portion of school children in Middletown are required to walk to school by FCPS which increases the need to have safe sidewalks in Town. 

To insure that our sidewalks remain in the best condition, Town employees will inspect approximately 25% of the Town’s sidewalks every year to identify any hazardous conditions.  It is not the intent of this plan to have all sidewalks replaced in Town, but only to have the sections of hazardous sidewalk repaired. 

Below please find our revised Sidewalk Inspection ordinance, Sidewalk Inspection form and a letter to property owners informing them of upcoming sidewalk inspections in their neighborhood.

If you have any questions regarding Middletown's sidewalk inspection plan, please contact Paul Mantello, the Town Administrator, at 301.371.6171, or by email at


What are these white dots on my sidewalk? 

During sidewalk inspections  we mark sidewalk defects with white survey marking paint. These white dots correspond to the notes on the home owner's sidewalk inspection report. The dots are reference points for the home owners, contractors and inspectors.  The paint will fade away in approximately six months.