Paul Mantello, Town Administrator


Paul grew up in Prince George’s County, in a small community just like Middletown, called Cheverly.  He loves the “small-town feel” and appreciates the importance of a close-knit community, where people and families know each other and are connected.  Paul and his wife, Shelby, live just down the road in Jefferson with their daughter, Leona, and their dog, Lani. 

Both Paul and Shelby completed their undergraduate degrees at Hood College.  Paul earned undergraduate degrees in Sociology and French.  Shortly after, he returned to Hood and completed the master’s program, in Business Administration, with a concentration in Human Resources.  

From 2018 to 2023, Paul was the Town Manager for Middletown’s neighbor, the Town of Boonsboro.  Before that, he was a social worker for the City of Frederick.  Public service and dedication to the community is his calling and what he’s found to be most fulfilling and important.  Paul also serves on the Board of Directors, for the Maryland Rural Water Association. 

After developing and overseeing many successful programs and projects in Boonsboro, Paul now brings his hard-earned knowledge and experience to Middletown.  He believes deeply that, “the harder you work, the luckier you get” and looks forward to continued success and working for the wonderful community of Middletown.



You may reach Mr. Mantello at 301-371-6171 or