Richard L. Dietrick, Commissioner

Rick Dietrick and his wife, Pam have been Main St. residents since 1987.  They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  Although Rick grew up in Montgomery County he has always been connected to Middletown.  His mother graduated from Middletown High School in 1940, and his aunt and uncle also lived on Main Street in the 1950's.


For more than 40 years he has been involved in all aspects of running his family business; a national designer and distributor in the wedding industry.  He is also pursuing his interests in home renovations and home weatherization.


Rick  served on the Planning Commission as the Town Liaison for 6 years, chaired the Finance Committee for 5 years, 4 years as co-chairman of the Sustainability Committee and currently Chairman of Public Works. He has been a volunteer with community events, serving on the Heritage Committee and is actively involved in all of the Middletown Recreation Council events.  He also helped to establish the Middletown community vegetable gardens.


He is currently serving in his fifth term as Town Commissioner.  He has always considered town infrastructure his priority, believing that our residents safety and well being depend on it.


He also believes he has a responsibility to the Town residents to be fiscally conservative, and always considers each project with great regard and respect for the preservation of the Town's character.



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