Snow and ice removal

The Burgess and Commissioners would like to remind our residents about our snow removal ordinance.  Ordinance 8.08.020 Section B titled Un-removed Snow or Ice states the following: A hazardous condition resulting from an accumulation of snow or ice upon any sidewalk within the town.  The owners and occupants of properties abutting a sidewalk shall remove or cause the removal of snow and ice for the entire length of any sidewalk abutting upon their property within a reasonable time after the end of a snowfall.  The Burgess and Commissioners deem a reasonable time 24 hours after the end of a snowfall.  Municipal infractions carry a fine of up to $1,000. 

Please do not blow/shovel snow into the street. Our maintenance staff work long hours clearing the Town streets and blowing/shoveling the snow into the street becomes a driving hazard.  If it is necessary to clear your driveway prior to the street being plowed the following suggestions may help eliminate snow being plowed back into your driveway by Town equipment: 

  1. Clear only your driveway; let the driveway apron un-cleared until your street has been cleared and the snow has stopped.  Then shovel/blow the snow from the apron area into the lawn area.

  2. If you must clear the driveway apron before the snow has stopped then shovel/blow the snow approximately 25 feet to the right of your driveway when facing it from the street.  This will allow the snow to empty from the plow prior to passing your driveway apron.

 3. Please remove all Basketball hoops and other play items from the street or curbside.


4. Also please DO NOT SET your TRASH RECEPTACLES in the gutter line during or prior to an expected snowfall.

5.Property owners are responsible for removing the snow from fire hydrants in front of their house.